Prader-Willi Syndrome - Caregivers' Conference
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True to the spirit of the first Caregivers’ Conference - co-organized by Pam Eisen in Herne in 2008 - we are proud to announce that the 5th International Caregivers’ Conference will take place in Munich from 28-30th of August under the umbrella of the IPWSO (International Prader Willi Syndrome Organisation). The PPCB (Professional Provider Caregiver Board) will organise the conference on behalf of IPWSO.

The conference is designed for anyone with daily or occasional involvement as caregiver of people with Prader-Willi-Syndrome. For example, this could be staff members of accommodation or employment services, pre-schools, schools, health services, etc.
The event takes place over 3 days and offers a wide variety of workshops that promote a collaborative atmosphere in which participants from all over the world exchange practice-driven knowledge and actively contribute their own experiences to develop new methods for their own day-to-day work.

The workshops of the 5th International Caregivers’ Conference comprise the following topics:
  • Early education for children with PWS from a psychological-teaching point of view.
  • Recognizing and handling needs of aging people with PWS
  • Friendship,  partnership, sexuality in the context of genetic, physiological, psychological and teaching aspects.
  • Opportunities and limits of self-determination.

The results of the workshops will be made available to all participants through an Open Space.

The main presentations and talks will cover a number of presently relevant topics:
  • Experiences and expectations of parents in cooperation with experts in teaching and psychology (in accommodation services, at school, in consulting)
  • Development of PWS-specific services in Australia
  • Overview of recent research and practically relevant results
  • Traumatising events in the lives of people with PWS
  • Creating a motivating atmosphere within  a team of caregivers.
  • Psychological diagnosis as a basis for teaching and psychological support
The conference will feature a panel discussion where professional caregivers, researchers, parents and members of the IPWSO board will exchange ideas on practically relevant procedures for supporting people with PWS.

Naturally, three days of conference also offer ample time for personal interaction. Once again, the conference party in the evening on the second day will be a special opportunity to connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

The Palace of Fürstenried provides the ideal environment for events. Spacious conference rooms and the baroque garden are the perfect setting to work and relax. There are enough single rooms with an ensuite bathroom available. The rooms are kept simple and highlight the charm of the palace. They feature a telephone but no TV or air conditioner. Wifi internet is available in the central area.

The conference begins on August 28, 2018 at 10:00am and ends on August 30, 2018 at 4:00pm.

The conference fee of 520€ covers:
  • Two nights' accomodation from August 28, 2018 to August 29, 2018 and from August 29, 2018 to August 30, 2018
  • Provisioning: two breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners and the conference party including drinks
  • Furthermore, there are drinks and snacks available during conference breaks
Please note that from now on we can only accept registrations for the lite package (420€)! This includes:
  • Provisioning: two breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners and the conference party including drinks
  • Furthermore, there are drinks and snacks available during conference breaks
You can save a place via our registration formAfter your binding confirmation you get a confirmation of registration and further information about the details of the course and the payment arrangements.

By the way, on the following link you can already obtain information about our event location, the Fürstenried Palace in Munich:

We would be very happy to welcome you to the Caregivers’ Conference in August in Munich.

On behalf of the Professional Provider Caregiver Board
Dr. Hubert Soyer
Dr. Norbert Hödebeck-Stuntebeck

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